Friday, December 31, 2010

Welcoming 2011

Today is the last day of 2010. For our family, it has been, as always, a chaotic year. Deaths, births, many changes, both good and bad. But so much growth this year. My girls have grown up so much and I have grown as well. Internal changes in me have been as dramatic as the changes in my 12 year old's height! (And she grew like six inches!) I feel so much more confident, ready for change, driven to change, determined to change. I was reading another blog the other morning and she had chosen the word "soften" for her 2011 mantra. That really got me to thinking... so what will my mantra be this year? One word is really hard. I might be able to narrow it down as I go, but for now, here is my list.

"Embrace Change"

"Empty what's full and fill what's empty"

"Have Faith"

"Be Fearless"

I'll figure it out as I go and as the Good Lord leads me. For now, once again, "It's time to move on.... It's time to get going.... What lies ahead I have no way of knowing.... but under my feet baby.... grass is growin... it's time to move on... it's time to get going... Thanks Tom Petty for these words that have pushed me on year after year and whenever complacency encases me.

In honor of the new year I finally got my art supplies back out (glorious!) and started a journal page. This is what I have so far after furiously stamping, coloring and pasting. We'll see where it goes. Just like me it could go in so many different directions. Potential is a heady thing... and fear is what blocks it. Wishing you all the very best of 2011!

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