Monday, December 27, 2010

The end of Christmas Vacation

Here I am with my girls in the midst of the hussle and bussle of Christmas vacation. Such a special time of year and one that I look forward to. My girls are growing and maturing. No more cuddling, no more toys to buy. Now it's all electronics and money, but I am so thankful for their health and their progress. They are three strongly independant young ladies, which was my goal. Oh, don't misunderstand me, my husband and I screwed them up plenty, just like our parents did us and just like they will do with theirs. But all in all, I'm satisfied. I feel over the past year a shift. A massive turn of the earth under my feet that will uproot us and take us in new directions. I feel the second phase of my life moving away and the third pouring in on me at the speed of light. It's a scary feeling, but somewhat welcome as I am ready for a new challenge. As long as my family is happy and healthy and growing and evolving, then I'm up for anything. So with the end of Christmas vacation and the beginning of 2011 just days away, I am ready. Bring it!

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