Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pumpkins... in June?

I used to do craft shows. I picked up decorative painting about 10 years ago and knew someone who did shows. I convinced her to let me bring a few of my things and that lead to a few years of producing cute little painted odds and ends for those shows. I loved doing it, but could not justify the expense. Plus, you can buy hand painted stuff in any dollar store nowadays, and no one seemed to appreciate all of the love I put into my products. So I quit doing them. But to this day, come summer, my artful brain turns towards fall. In July I'll start thinking about Santa's and Snowmen. Seems so wrong when my garden hasn't even reached it's full bloom yet... Regardless, when I sat down to work on something... anything... I had no intention. But pumpkins I got. Enjoy... even though it's a little early :)

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