Sunday, April 17, 2011

Glorious sunny Sunday! So good to get my fingers back into the dirt! My husband made us a cold frame this year and here in a week or two, when all danger of frost is gone, we'll have some decent sized plants to put out. Squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, okra and eggplant. They all look great so far. Only a few flowers out so far... catmint... lilacs. The daffodils are gone, but the iris has lots of blooms.

Today was also the first sunny warm day that I let the squirrel out for a while. I've been hand raising this squirrel cause she lost her mama. I got her about 3 weeks ago and she didn't even have her eyes open. she is now eating cherrios, bananas and soft nuts on her own, but still on formula. Time to start getting her acclimated to the great outdoors! They are so sweet at this age. Unfortunately, in about 2 weeks, she'll be so wild I won't be able to touch her. But that's OK. Squirrels are not meant to be pets, but wild tree creatures! Wishing everyone a wonderful sunny Sunday :)

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